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File Listing: CS Expansion #2: Shards of an Ancient Time!
Last Updated: Jan 08, 2019, 10:22:29 pm
First Created: Feb 19, 2018, 08:02:18 pm
File version: 0.2.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
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Earthbound: The Earthbound are what remains of the legendary "Sky Elves", a race known for their crystalline floating cities which traveled the heavens of yore and their mysterious alloy known as Inirus. Sadly, they have fallen from both grace and the sky after a series of accidents and tragedies and now reside on the ground, dealing with the younger races. Will they ever return to the air?

Nulcharii: A race of tall pointy eared folk with beards, the Nulcharii are the remnants of a glorious magic using empire that ruled the ground at the same time the Sky Elves ruled the air. The Nulcharii are one of the races capable of strange moods, which has led many a scholar to believe that these curious and scatter-brained fellows are distant cousins to dwarfkind....

Wildmen: Humanlike antlered creatures with fangs that defend nature to a fundamentalist degree, the Wildmen are incredibly hostile to most of the races, even assaulting the forest elves, as they do not defend all of nature. Needless to say, Wildmen are not liked by many of the world's races...

Saurites: Feathered and omnivorous relatives of the underground predators known as ferdons, colloquially referred to as "raptors." These beings are primitive, settlement and language wise, as their native language is lacking in many sounds and letters and they live in caves. However, they are very well versed in their metallurgy, being able to work many metals, including the fey metal known as feybronze!

This pack also includes:
*3 new metals, the mysterious metal referred to simply as Feymetal and the alloys of feymetal and steel (an alloy made with an alloy? Madness!) and feymetal and copper known as inirus and feybronze respectively.
*2 reactions used by the sky elves, saurites, and nulcharii to make inirus and feybronze bars.
*New weapons, as is the case with every pack.
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