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File Listing: Peasant & Forester's Mod for 44.12 Adventure Mode
Last Updated: Mar 15, 2019, 09:01:43 pm
First Created: Jan 14, 2017, 02:46:10 pm
File version: 0.7.1
For DF version: 0.44.12
Downloads: 83 (918) Size: 553.9 KB
Views: 443 (5,089) Type: ZIP
Rating (2 votes): 5.0 / 5.0
This is a crafting mod for Adventure Mode that replaces workshop requirements with civilian profession-specific tools and adds intermediate stages into the crafting process. There is an emphasis on general quality of life features where consuming cooked food or soap usage will provide good thoughts, and more specific to slow/local travel game-play, providing methods of managing encumbrance, such as being able to dry meat. All comments and suggestions welcome.

This mod owes much of its general framework to both Deon's DF Wanderer and Random_Dragon's Adventurecraft; its coffee and tea structure to Button's post in her topic Brainstorm: Hard Brewing Mod; its thinking on tick changes for polearm speed to Grimlocke's History & Realism Mods; and its ideas on weapon sets for ranged units to Sver's DF Combat Reworked. Belatedly listed here are some of the off-Bay12 sources that P&F learnt from. Archery (bow/crossbow making) drew from a variety of sources. Cooking peeked into A Boke of Gode Cookery, though much of what I added is anachronistic and culturally eclectic. All things woodcutting and shield-making came from Hurstwic. Mail construction came from MyArmoury's Mail: Unchained and article 10 The manufacture of chain-mail – Arne Jouttijδrvi from Erik Schimd's mail article archive.

Feature Highlights:
— Better archer-ranger play: detailed bow/crossbow/missile crafting; missile crafting in the wilds with bone, stone, wood and found metal
— Beverages including various teas, coffees and hot chocolate
— Cooking with grains and flour (porridge and pastries), plants and animals (boil, fry, roast, stew)
— Detailed crafting/repair/resizing reactions for clothing, armor and weapons
— Glass doors and hatches for your camp site
— Interchangeable fuels (any wood item, peat, coal)
— Pottery and glazing
— Shop signs
— Soap making (both plant and animal), and more importantly: soap usage
— Stone logs for building
— Tools for bowyers, clothiers, leatherworkers, masons, metalcrafters, woodcutters and carpenters

See for 12.20.2018 - Armor and Smelt Update 0.6.0 (requires new world regen) & Full Changelog
01.06.2019 - Bugfixing Minor Update 0.6.1 (does not require new world regen)
01.06.2019 - Farmer reaction fix: make soap from rendered animal fat wasn't recognizing lye.
01.06.2019 - Stonecrafter reaction fix: chip stone into 10 arrowheads had copy/paste error.
01.06.2019 - Removed embers as byproduct of fuel use reactions. didn't benefit simulation as much as it caused issues with liquids.
01.07.2019 - Bugfixing Minor Update 0.6.2 (does not require new world regen)
01.07.2019 - Farmer reaction fix 2nd try: make soap from rendered animal fat wasn't recognizing lye.
01.07.2019 - Cleaning interaction edited to prevent accidental drinking of liquid/powders.
01.11.2019 - Bugfixing Minor Update 0.6.3 (does not require new world regen)
01.11.2019 - Material template edit to innards. Cooking reaction was not recognizing innards as meat. Has been fixed.
01.11.2019 - Weapon set reaction edit. Entry for mauls referred to axes. Has been fixed.
01.11.2019 - Edit to Bonecarver. Bone blowgun entry changed to bows made from horn/antler.
02.16.2019 - Bugfixing Minor Update 0.6.4 (does not require new world regen)
02.16.2019 - Edit to meat-based foodstuffs cooking reaction. Having hunted a small critter in my adventure mode run, I realized the reaction for dried meat (which helps in cutting encumbrance) should ask for 5 units of meat and not 20.
02.16.2019 - Edit to weapon set grouping reaction. Reactions were not recognizing missile weapon.
02.16.2019 - Edit to natural attack tackle. Removed skill associated so it only trains MELEE_COMBAT (fighter skill) once.
02.16.2019 - Included The Easy Start Guide to Arrows/Bolts.txt
03.01.2019 - Weapon Set Cleaning Update 0.7.0 (requires new world regen)
03.01.2019 - Reduced item sprawl and simplified pairings for NPC ranged units. Added ability to un-pair weapon sets. See this post.
03.01.2019 - Whips added back.
03.01.2019 - Flails train mace again.

03.15.2019 - Bugfixing Minor Update Update 0.7.1 (does not require new world regen)
03.15.2019 - Arrows/bolt crafting simplified.
03.15.2019 - The Easy Start Guide to Arrows/Bolts edited to reflect change.
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