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File Listing: Grimlocke's Historic Arms & Armor mod - Revision 2
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2015, 08:32:11 pm
First Created: Jan 09, 2015, 08:31:01 pm
File version: Revision 2
For DF version: 0.40.23
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Grimlocke's Historic Arms & Armor mod

Revision 2

A mod to replace the stock weapons and armor with historically accurate late 14th, early 15th ones from the European continent.

Main features:
69 weapons - Numerous weapons added for each weapon skill, two-handed versions for all weapon safe daggers and spears.
30 armor pieces - Including somewhat experimental padded and cuir bouille (boiled leather) armor.
11 ammo types - Various contact areas, most types are just for 'flavour'.
5 shields - Not much I can do with these yet, but some other types added for flavour if nothing else.
Padded armor and cuir bouilli - Realistic and functional armor padding and boiled leather armor.
Added a number of civilian weapons - By making them tools with various uses civilians now carry daggers and cudgels.
Added and modified trap components - Optional, well everything is, but can be easily left out.

Rebalanced weapons - Reduced massive contact areas, regulated the armor penetration to be more realistic and gave weapons a realistic weight.
Rebalanced armor and clothing - Thickness kept equal among armor pieces making protection much more even. All clothing is now elastic.
Moved flails to the whip skill - And made whips and scourges tool instead of weapons.
Moved two-handed polearms to the pike skill - Forcing the silly entity equipment system to not use a shield along with them.

Removed armor pants - Moved leg protection to foot-worn armor, lower body protection was already on upper body armor.
Removed leather armors - No kids, regular tanned leather doesn't protect you for a damns worth.

Downloady link:

This mod alters these files (and every entry in them):

If you have not altered any of these, overwrite. If you have, for the item files rename/move either your modified entries or mine.

For the material templates place the tags below into these entries: THREAD_PLANT_TEMPLATE, SILK_TEMPLATE and HAIR_TEMPLATE:

And these into LEATHER_TEMPLATE:

Next, either replace add the entity_default file (a stock entity file with the correct entity tags added), or use the file containing just the new tags for more easily modifying entities yourself.

This is not by far a final version. But its a decent start and functions well on its own. There are however a number of quirks and ongoing issues:
The balancing is still somewhat experimental and not all of it is working as I like it. Particularly armor penetration and multiple armor layers seem to be inherently borked in DF.
The biggest problem I have with it is that a blunt or non-penetrating hit needs vast amounts of force to do any damage. More force than is require to outright cut through armor (an impossible feat with real armor).
I have found something that solves the problem, but it also alters every weapon/armor material in the game and requires me rebalance all the weapons.
That is a project a bit further down the line, this more compatible version will be kept separate.

The entity equipment placement system is... placeholdery at the best of times. Characters you meet in adventure mode generally wear a random helmet and body armor standard to their faction, but refuse to wear hand and foot-worn armor. Armor levels seem to go largely ignored. Two-handed weapons always spawn with a shield unless it uses the pike skill. (my theory of using the RANGED weapon tag was a bust). Generally I have little to no control over how equipment is used.

Many, many internet hours were spent researching the history, form and function of these weapons and armor, but there is bound to be inaccuracies or things I left out.

Lastly there are some names I can't figure out. What is a general term for someone using a two-handed polearm? Or for a viking-style sword without using any time/place/people names? I'm also not too sure about 'flailman', but 'flailer' is worse for certain.

Future planning:
- A glossary with brief descriptions of the various items.
- A metal re-balance, getting armor behaviour right requires some changes there.
- Unarmed combat rebalance, possibly also fixing some bodypart misbehaviour (noses being gored through helmets, biting through armor, etc)
- Expanding the east European selection, and possibly adding Middle Eastern and Central Asian stuff.
- I plan to give DFhack scripting a go to try and modify the uniforms entities use. That would solve so, so many problems. Long term project I fear.

Revision 2 changes:
- Added modified cloth and leather materials for the padded/leather armors to work properly.
- Numerous balance adjustments.
- Adjusted entity_default to divide the items a bit more sensibly.
- Added a number of armor pieces:
Armets, late-medieval Italian full helmet.
Barbutes, late-medieval Italian helmet modelled after the Corinthian helmet.
Partial plate armor, earlier plate armor with 83% coverage.

- Renamed and repurposed a number of weapons to less obtuse names:
glaive faussard -> short glaive
pronged warhammer -> short polehammer (this also became two-handed)
poleaxe -> light poleaxe
polehammer -> crow's beak
pronged polehammer -> polehammer
bill-guisarme -> bill-hook
faussard -> military scythe

- Removed the following items:
ITEM_WEAPON_SWORD_CLEAVER_FAUSSARD (highly debatable existence)

Any criticism or comment, be it positive, negative or neither, is very much appreciated!
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